as i high-fived a lot of tree branches & a stranger.

the reservoir, central park

my view from mile 18, the nyc marathon finish line
will be a bucket list for me! this is the longest that
my lungs, heart, legs, mind, & spirit have ever ran.

& by mile 17, they were each required to be
all-hands-on-deck cause i was really losing it.

(the things we think & solve & chant to ourselves
when long distance running would make a great blog)

i was rounding the final hill down by the boat house
& was moving like a wounded duck of sorts. & then
des’ree came on the shuffle with her mantra “you gotta be”.

which thankfully channeled my feisty fifth grade self to show up
to take it all over & rally me to rev it up. by the time i made it
here to 18! i was so exhausted-emotional, that i just let

the tears flow as i high-fived
a lot of tree branches & a stranger.

of realizing that the pressure of a moment can be everything.

photo (4)

had some quality time with a couple of our 100cameras students today
around chinatown & discussing how experiences can so powerfully shape us.

all sorts of kinds from our past, our now, & our future!

how it’s the vulnerability that comes from the pressure of a moment
the who we are, how we wonder how we’re perceived & received,
how we act & react, how we could or could not give back

that makes us all
complexly human together.

when we asked them how they chose to take the path that shaped
obstacles & hardships into positive choices over negative choices
which can so vividly surround them here in the city,
they made it quite simple:

by summing it up as the “affect of community”.
whether through the community center they’ve attended since they were kids
or other adults & peers taking time to mentor through school activities or sports,
they experienced the importance of wisdom infiltrating decisions.

of realizing that the pressure of a moment can be everything.

(also loved having two teammates from the rad company public-supply join us today.
so pumped about what they are doing with design & art & education. check em out, & #makelines)

all that we do without love, it means nothing.

spending time with the psalms on a sunday morning, oh!
tis my necessary kind of centering in the city.

incredible songwriter, david gungor with the brilliance, joined us today at
tgc tribeca. & have i ever mentioned just how much a string quartet & a piano
can make my heart instantly open right up?

“…make me an instrument of your peace.
where there is hatred, let me sow love.

where there is darkness, let me shine light.

all that we do without love, it means nothing.
grant us the courage to give…”

…because you’re going to fall in love quickly.

brooklyn bride, skyline view

…because you’re going to fall in love quickly.
the lights, the energy, the possibilities, the diversity!

it will all be beautifully lovely. it will deeply awaken you.
& then the love will turn ruggedly real. it won’t be
all puppy dogs & ice cream cones all the time.

some days, you may actually hate to love this city.
& just as quickly as you’re fuming on harsh words & about
to freak-out-and-jab-your-umbrella-into-the-crowded-subway-car,

the butterflies will come back. you will laugh out loud & all by yourself
as you look up to see some only-in-new-york scenario. & it’s in that hope
of a moment & with a new shade of ray, that your love

will find deeper roots to parade itself on…