a little about

i live in newyorkcity & grew up in the south.

while i dearly love this city, i hope to always keep
some sweet tallahassee hanging out inside of me.

i have the best parents & sister. & miss them
all constantly. but they were my biggest supporters

to pack a suitcase & buy a one-way ticket one month after college.
& seven years later, my inner sense of home has found roots here.

it continues to be quite the journey, & i am learning
that life continues to be all about a posture of thankfulness.
through pain, hurt, misunderstanding, laughter, adventure,
failures, & successes. yes! through it all, i believe

there is great gratitude to be experienced. & there is
grand joy that desires to surface itself, proving to have been
embedded in the hope & purpose of each experience all along.

i can’t get enough of the everyday story of life. it’s my calling in life,
i swear (just kidding, but seriously). perhaps that is why i fell in love
so deeply with nyc – all the countless story lines out there!

there is much to be learned here in all of the intricate threads,
& this blog is really just a collection of the many which
i am beyond full & blessed to experience.

alongside the thoughts & processes that come with taking some
moments to inhale & reflect on each important narrative.

for majority of my city life, i lived uptown by central park.
but now seasons are exciting & changing! i recently got married
& moved to brooklyn heights with my *incredible* husband, Ty.

the exploring just keeps getting better & better
as this city + community + faith keep challenging & stirring
me over & over again. encouraging a deeper & renewed
version of myself. oh! isn’t it beautiful? how days really are a gift.

& these days,
i’m most inspired when enjoying time with my husband,
(being a newlywed & learning brooklyn together is delightful),
riding my bicycle, reading on my rooftop, perusing bakeries,
writing letters, planting plants, & pursuing the beauty of community.

i also spend my time with these & am QUITE passionate about each:

Co-founder, Chief Story Teller
a non-profit organization that seeks to empower kids to create change in their own communities.

Gotham Fellowship
Fellows Class of 2014 & Teacher’s Assistant for Class of 2015
An intensive, top tier training program that integrates three primary elements to further the social, cultural, and spiritual renewal of New York City: gospel worldview development, spiritual and personal renewal, and community formation.

Trinity Grace Church Tribeca
a shared community of faith & commitment that together seeks to live, love, give, serve, & share hope within the heartbeats of the city.

Florida State University Alumni Club, NYC Chapter
an organized collaboration of fellow seminoles. we love fsu.