dear pigeon, please fly higher than my face.

because you
fly yourself straight into me.

and i don’t like it.
not one birdie bit.

i don’t understand you city pigeons.
you have wings. but you’re always

walking around. just
nitpicking the ground.

waiting for me to walk alongside.
so you can scurry and spat your

upward. and straight into my face.

alright, not actually my face. but
shoulders, yes. and my back. eww.

three times now.

and i don’t like you, pigeon.
i think you are gross. and

i want to step on your claw.

until last night. i went to
the holiday craft market
in astor place.

and there i saw you. wearing

new gingham colors. all coordinating
yourself with quilted patterns. and

i don’t know,
seeing you like that softened me.

i lost some of my hos and
calmed some of my tility.

and i thought
you city pigeons just might know how to chirpsing

i just wish you would fly yourself higher
than my face.

now, fellow manhattanites:
need some holiday cheer and craft ideas?

check out the brooklyen flea gifted market.
[where i saw the pretty pigeons.]

it’s well done. and the dj plays
vinyl records
over loud warehouse speakers.

my favorites were:

the moontree press recipe cards,
all the haptic lab quilts,
the domestic construction’s 2010 tea towel,
the bicycle paintings, the blue canary vintage jewelry,
berry street scenery bags, and clinton hill clocks.

and anything granny-like from the tincan trading post.

oh, and also. the woman near the front entrance
with the old school film strips pressed into wooden frames.


One thought on “dear pigeon, please fly higher than my face.

  1. god i know! i live in milan by the duomo, its LOADED with these birds…and people actually let the pigeons sit on their heads and arms to take a photo!!!… im scared one will fly straight in my face and pop my eye…that is my only fear in this world…lol

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